Laura Blanco

Laura Blanco is a Research Assistant in the MULTIPREV project and a doctoral candidate at UNED. She received her degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2019, where she specialized in Forensic and Penitentiary Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Methodology applied to Health and Behavioural Sciences at UNED in 2022.

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In press

Gómez, Á., Vázquez, A., Alba, B., Blanco, L., Chinchilla, J., Chiclana, S. & Swann, W. B. (in press). Feeling Understood Fosters Identity Fusion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Download


Gómez, A., Blanco, L., et al. (2023). Proyecto de investigación sobre procesos de radicalización violenta. Fase II. Documentos penitenciarios, 34. Ministerio del Interior, Secretaría General Técnica Download

Gómez, Á., Vázquez, A., Chinchilla, J., Blanco, L., Alba, B., Chiclana, S., & González-Álvarez, J. L. (2023). Why is it so difficult to investigate violent radicalization? Spanish Journal of Psychology, 26, e7. Download


Gómez, A., Atran, S., Chinchilla, J., Vázquez, A., López-Rodríguez, L., Paredes, B., Martínez, M., Blanco, L., Alba, B., Bautista, H., Fernández, S., Pozuelo-Rubio, F., González-Álvarez, J.L., Chiclana, S., Valladares-Narganes, H., Alonso, M., Ruíz-Alvarado, A., López-Novo, J.L., & Davis, R. (2022). Willingness to sacrifice among convicted Islamist terrorists versus violent gang members and other criminals. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-15. Download

Gómez, A., Chiclana, S., Chinchilla, J., Blanco, L., Alba, B., Bautista, H. & Pozuelo-Rubio, F. (2022). The mirage of the jihad. Disenchantment as the pathway to disengagement of female jihadists. A case study about radicalization in Spanish prisons. International Journal of Social Psychology. Download


Blanco, L., Santos, J., de Juan, M., & González, J. L. (2019). Indicadores de suicidio: comparación entre feminicidas y maltratadores. Behavior & Law Journal, 5(1), 1–8. Download