A method to understand and prevent violent radicalization

European Research Council

Grant agreement nº 101018172
Grant awarded for the action: “A Multi-Theory Multi-Method Approach for Preventing and Reducing Radicalization leading to Violence
€ 2,499,900.00 | 2022 – 2026
European Union

Despite the efforts of governments to fight violent extremism, it remains a growing threat. The EU-funded MULTIPREV project will introduce and test empirically the first comprehensive multi-theoretical framework to study violent radicalization and deradicalization processes. MULTIPREV aims to understand the nature of radicalization, develop intervention programs, and establish an innovative methodology to estimate radicalization and deradicalization processes through a platform for data collection from five continents.
The project includes face-to-face interviews to explore the mechanisms influencing radicalization inside and outside of prisons in 10 countries: Spain, Iraq, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan. It also encompasses the development of evidence-based programs designed to prevent radicalization and promote deradicalization in prisons.

  • Under Risk of Radicalization
  • Jihadists in Prison
  • Former Terrorists