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Swann, W. B., Klein, J. W., & Gómez, Á. (in press). Comprehensive Identity fusion theory (CIFT): New insights and a revised theory. Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 70. Download


Gómez, Á., Vázquez, A., Blanco, L., & Chinchilla, J. (2024). The role of identity fusion in violent extremism. In J. Kunst and M. Obaidi (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of the Psychology of Violent Extremism. Cambridge University Press

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Chvaja, R., Chinchilla, J., Gómez, A., & Lang, M. (2023). Religious costly signal induces more trustworthiness than secular costly signal: A study of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. European Journal of Social Psychology, 1–15. Download

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Gómez, A., Atran, S., Chinchilla, J., Vázquez, A., López-Rodríguez, L., Paredes, B., Martínez, M., Blanco, L., Alba, B., Bautista, H., Fernández, S., Pozuelo-Rubio, F., González-Álvarez, J.L., Chiclana, S., Valladares-Narganes, H., Alonso, M., Ruíz-Alvarado, A., López-Novo, J.L., & Davis, R. (2022). Willingness to sacrifice among convicted Islamist terrorists versus violent gang members and other criminals. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-15. Download

Gómez, A., Chiclana, S., Chinchilla, J., Blanco, L., Alba, B., Bautista, H. & Pozuelo-Rubio, F. (2022). The mirage of the jihad. Disenchantment as the pathway to disengagement of female jihadists. A case study about radicalization in Spanish prisons. International Journal of Social Psychology. Download

Chinchilla, J., Vázquez, A. & Gómez, Á. (2022). Strongly fused individuals feel viscerally responsible to self-sacrifice. British Journal of Social Psychology. Download

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