Social Psychology of Intra and Intergroup Relations and Social Identity

We study the mechanisms underlying violent radicalization from a multi-theory, multi-method approach for preventing and reducing radicalization leading to violence.


Ángel Gómez

“I am a full professor of Social Psychology at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED, in Madrid, Spain, and Senior Fellow at ARTIS International.

My main research goal is to understand the underlying mechanism leading to violent radicalization, de-radicalization and/or disengagement…


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UNED and Penitentiary Institutions join forces in the fight against violent radicalization

UNED Communications dedicates this article on the studies in Spanish prisons by Ángel Gómez’s team, in close collaboration with the Penitentiary Institutions Read the full article on...

Conference: Scientific leadership

Ángel Gómez had the honour to speak about “Scientific leadership” at the 2nd Career Course, organized by the Young Academy Spain (Academia Joven de España), UNED and...
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