Social Psychology of Intra and Intergroup Relations and Social Identity

We study the mechanisms underlying violent radicalization from a multi-theory, multi-method approach for preventing and reducing radicalization leading to violence.


Ángel Gómez

“I am a full professor of Social Psychology at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED, in Madrid, Spain, and Senior Fellow at ARTIS International.

My main research goal is to understand the underlying mechanism leading to violent radicalization, de-radicalization and/or disengagement…


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What motivates some Spanish women to join the jihad?

UNED is the first university to study first-hand the motivations that led a dozen Spanish women to leave everything behind to join Islamic terrorist groups This study,...

A journey to the inside of terrorism to understand it, prevent it and reinsert

On the occasion of the V International Congress of the Spanish Scientific Society of Social Psychology and the XVI National Congress of Social Psychology in Burgos, Spain,...

Using tools such as social media and web forums is how a group of a dozen Spanish women were reached and persuaded by a jihad organisation.

Learn more about the story of these women in the article about our study by @Nova_Ciencia

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Today’s #IntelBrief: National Security Concerns Continues to Grow Over the Use of Social Media App TikTok

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The DRAVY-3 - instrument for assessing the risk of violent jihadist radicalisation - was tested by evaluating 570 inmates from five groups.

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