Social Psychology of Intra and Intergroup Relations and Social Identity

We study the mechanisms underlying violent radicalization from a multi-theory, multi-method approach for preventing and reducing radicalization leading to violence.


Ángel Gómez

“I am a full professor of Social Psychology at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED, in Madrid, Spain, and Senior Fellow at ARTIS International.

My main research goal is to understand the underlying mechanism leading to violent radicalization, de-radicalization and/or disengagement…


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Deciphering the “will to fight”: key to understanding world conflicts

A team of researchers from UNED and ARTIS International has developed an ambitious project to unravel the factors that drive the will to fight in conflicts around...

Universitas Indonesia establishes research collaboration with a team from UNED

During their research trip to Indonesia, the Kalteng Times newspaper dedicated this article to Ángel Gómez and Alexandra Vázquez and the research collaboration established between Universitas Indonesia...
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